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Job Description
listJob Description


  • Writes, revises and verifies print and online documents for consistency. (Reference documents for hardware and software products, code, user interface tests, white papers, Application Program Interface and Command Line Interface Documentation, online help systems).
  • Make sure all deliverables are technically and mechanically precise.
  • Work with department members including engineering, marketing, services, legal, regulatory, and others to generate content for standard documentation sets, software, and special initiatives in compliance with the development cycle.
  • Create and manage document scheduling, content management, and information architecture.
  • Defines processes for content change, content globalization, content sensitivity, content accessibility/disability.
  • Keep track of content, tools, application access, account management, and workflow administration.
  • Experienced writers may provide training to external business groups on tools, apps, reporting, and content process requirements as needed.
  • Defines, approves, documents, and supervises processes and procedures for documentation management in compliance with ISO and internal quality requirements.

** Candidates must be W2

Must Haves:

  • Having more than 3 years of experience with enterprise software, Technical aptitude
  • Good experience in maintaining content for technical software products
  • Strong experience in tracking and closing content tickets, and updating & maintaining technical documents.
  • Good experience with Oxygen DITA is a strong advantage.
  • Creates and edits technical information, including installation, operation, and maintenance manuals, as well as other types of technical content such as technical guidances and release notes.
  • Collaborates with editors, incorporating editorial feedback to make sure that company style and standards are accurately reflected in technical content and media
  • Produces content to many outputs, including PDF documents, web pages, blog entries, wikis, videos, and online support systems.
  • Can join in social media conversations related to technical content and information experience.
  • Using content writing, publishing, and source control tools, as well as requesting technical assistance on occasion.
  • Learn how to use information from many sources, such as bug comments, whiteboard conversations, community forums, knowledge transfer, and third-party websites, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) content.
  • Comply with standard technical document and content development practices under general direction. Collaborates primarily with experts in the current work group.
  • Shows up the initiative and may join in process improvement activities. Get used to popular software development methodologies.
  • Implements content strategies that include user stories.
  • Learns how to assist with localization activities.
  • Having knowledge of technical content authoring processes
  • Good understanding of industry standards such as DITA, XML, and HTML
  • Good understanding of job-related content authoring, publishing, and graphic design tools

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