Maintenance Supervisor

  • Full-Time
  • Arlington, VA
  • Louis Berger Services
  • Posted 3 years ago – Accepting applications
Job Description
Overview: Louis Berger Services is currently seeking a qualified Maintenance Supervisor to fill a full-time role in the NOVA area.
**This position is contingent upon award of contract.**Responsibilities:
  • Supervises and evaluates the work of subordinates and effectively recommends personnel actions related to selection, performance, leaves of absence, grievances, work schedules and assignments, disciplinary procedures and administers personnel and related policies and procedures.
  • Determines project-wide maintenance operations work programs and objectives, maintenance programs, material needs, staffing resources to insure work stays within the confines of the allocated budget as a part of the Maintenance Management Team; monitors and controls budget expenditures within the assigned area.
  • Uses computers to keep track of schedule and budget on a weekly basis.
  • Assigns and explains work assignments to lead workers and program specialists for new or changed programs, functions, goals and processes; establishes operating guidelines to implement required changes.
  • Inspects highways within an assigned area to determine the maintenance needs of surfaces, shoulders, structures, drainage facilities, signs, and right-of-way areas; assigns employees routine maintenance or repair activities; reports major deficiencies to Program Manager.
  • Reviews and approves work plans by reviewing equipment maintenance and operation maintenance records, equipment depreciation schedule and operating expenses; reviews and approves plans for the storage and use of aggregates, bituminous materials, and other materials required for the maintenance and repair of highways and roads.
  • Completes reports relating to maintenance and repair activities, recording the amount of time required for each activity, number and type of employees utilized for the repair, the amount and type of materials necessary to complete the repairs and the location and type of roadway repaired.
  • Able to operate various highway maintenance equipment such as, but not limited to, tractors, dozers, loaders, trucks and graders performing highway maintenance duties; oversees material usage in the field and ensures crew is addressing the assigned operations properly; maintains records of the quantities of supplies used.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management and or required in emergency situations.
  • Experience equal to five years of full-time highway maintenance work, highway construction work or highway materials inspections work; or, an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year (thirty semester hours or the equivalent) of college or technical school coursework in business administration, construction technology/management, or engineering for one year of the required experience to a maximum substitution of four years.
  • Roadside herbicide experience and herbicide license are strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of the organizational structure, functions, procedures and applicable regulatory requirements of the Department of Transportation and contract documents.
  • Knowledge of source materials and guidelines which can be used to resolve problems encountered not covered by precedent action.
  • Knowledge of the standard methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in highway maintenance work.
  • Knowledge of the federal, state and departmental regulations applicable to the work, such as the proper use of safety equipment (i.e., shoes, hard hats, goggles, etc.) equipment operation, and materials handling.
  • Knowledge of elementary engineering principles and practices involved in highway maintenance operations.
  • Knowledge of the effects weather conditions have on road surfaces (i.e., expansion, contraction, deterioration, erosion, etc.) and the extent these conditions effect the safe movement of traffic.
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the work.
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations pertaining to proper placement of signs and placards within and along the highway right of way.
  • Ability to plan, direct and supervise the work of employees.
  • Ability to access road conditions, hazards, and surface deterioration in order to determine the need for repair or corrective action.
  • Ability to establish program objectives or performance goals and to assess progress toward their achievement.
  • Ability to objectively evaluate facts, situations and circumstances.
  • Ability to analyze MRP reports of road conditions, hazards, and surface deterioration in order to determine need for repair or corrective action.
  • Ability to plan, prepare, and monitor budget expenditures in order to ensure a complete and efficient highway maintenance program.
  • Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions, day or night, in normal and emergency situations.
  • Ability to drive vehicles in a safe and conscientious manner.
  • Ability to drive equipment with a manual transmission and clutch.
  • Ability to climb, kneel, crouch, crawl, stoop and twist and perform duties using appropriate tools and equipment within safety standards.
  • Ability to walk over uneven ground.
  • Ability to accurately perform mathematic calculations.
  • Ability to operate computers and/or other electronic devices and use programs/applications to conduct business.
  • Ability to read and write English.
  • Ability to understand and follow verbal and written directions/instructions given in English.
  • Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Refrains from dishonest behavior.
  • Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing polite, quality professional service.
  • Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision.
  • Follows policy, cooperates with supervisors and aligns behavior with the goals of the organization.

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