DevOps Engineer

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  • St. Louis, MO
  • 160over90
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Job Description
Job Description

This position is responsible for planning, engineering and executing deployments of new and existing applications throughout the digital organization. The person in this role is also responsible for maintaining and building cloud infrastructure and managing multiple products in production, staging, QA and development environments.


  • Analyze, review and execute requested code deployments

  • Understand and develop new automated deployment and build scripts

  • Lead deployment of scheduled releases including production code migrations

  • Provide installation, maintenance, monitoring and support for our cloud environments

  • Manage and maintain SLAs and report on performance metrics to key stakeholders

  • Participate in execution of business requirements and release schedules

  • Suggest and implement workflows for operational efficiencies

  • Manage and monitor backup and recovery strategies for production environments

  • Work closely with the DBA to monitor database performance

  • Act as SME in regards to security and deployment best practices.

Required Skills & Attributes:

  • A minimum of 2 years of professional experience working in a DevOps role

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or an equivalent degree or work experience

  • Experience working with AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean or similar services

  • Understanding of common secure networking concepts

  • Ability to effectively document system integrations and network topology

  • Familiarity with automated build and deployment frameworks like Jenkins

  • Experience with load balancing, redundancy, capacity planning, security and backups

  • Ability to work in an agile environment

  • Familiarity with GIT

  • Strong communication and writing skills

Preferred Skills & Attributes:

  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture technologies and/or implementations

  • Knowledge of software development lifecycle

  • Experience troubleshooting application servers

  • Experience managing traffic bursts and auto-scaling server solutions

  • Experience with CI/CD principles, practices and tools

  • Familiarity with SQL, JAVA and/or PHP

  • Understanding of Docker or similar technologies

  • Experience with the configuration and management of logging and monitor tools

160/90 is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.
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